Research and tools

Research, worksheets, and narrative briefs created during the first iteration of the
Reparations Narrative Lab. 

Webinars and Presentations

Research, worksheets, narrative briefs, and webinars created during with Reparations Narrative Lab.

Reparations Narrative Lab Overview Webinar

RadComms Webinar: Building a Transformative Narrative for Reparations

Framing to change the world

The worksheets below will help you explore each of the narrative areas of opportunity listed in the narrative house, in order to support your storytelling on reparations.

Cycle-Breaking, World -Making

Becoming Reparationists

Black History In Your Face!

Reparations Unlocking Democracy

Repair in Practice

Radical Solidarity

bipoc hands writing on paper

For guidance about how to put equity at the heart of your storytelling, see these excellent resources from the BROKE project:
Self-care For Storytellers and Putting Systems In Your Stories.

Republished with permission from the BROKE project