Liberation Ventures accelerates the Black-led movement for racial repair in the United States. The Reparations Narrative Lab, LV’s first narrative program, supports organizers, researchers, and artists to build narrative power and increase public support for reparations.


The Reparations Narrative Lab is a research hub that builds public support for reparations by assisting organizers, artists, and organizations in understanding the reparations narrative landscape, creating and testing stories and messages, analyzing their audiences, designing experiments, and assessing the impact of their strategies.


A co-created narrative tool built in coordination with organizers and advocates across the reparations movement.


Actionable resources and activities to support the building of narrative power and storytelling.


A snapshot of the history of the movement for Black liberation over time.


Reach out if you’d like support from the Reparations Narrative Lab or with any questions, comments, or concerns
you may have.


Terms from the Reparations Narrative Lab

"To be or to become a mother while enslaved was always to face the evidence of slavery’s core contradictory violence – that the child you understood as family was instantly embedded in the property accumulation of the person who owned you.”
- Jennifer Morgan

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See how the pieces fit together.

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“We need unity, not uniformity.”
- Rob Thomas

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Creating change is a group effort.

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